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Each year Nova Scotia Fire Fighters respond to thousands of emergency calls. Fire fighters respond to the problem as quickly as possible, but the commitment and dedication to the injured does not end when the emergency is under control and trucks are back in the station.

Incorporated by local fire fighters in 1983, the Nova Scotia Fire Fighters' Burn Treatment Society is a non-profit charity that has contributed burn care equipment and educational materials to our local hospitals, assisted burn survivors with post hospital care, and supported burn survivors with their ongoing issues as they continue the long struggle to recover physically and emotionally. The reward is immeasurable as we witness milestone moments in a survivors long road to recovery.

If you are interseted in becoming a member of the Society, or wish to contribute to our efforts financially, please feel free to contact us.

2018 Camp Connect Memories

2018 Camp Connect has come and gone for another year. Pictured below are just some of the daily activities. More can be found on our Facebook page.

Campers greet each other, renew old friendships, and welcome newcomers.

What a good lookin' bunch, eh?

Great afternoon at the beach! Check out the "birth of the Sandman".

Cst Waddell and Bandit demonstrate police K9 tactics.

Bike Nigth at Camp Connect. Many thanks to the motorcycle clubs who raised over $6000 for Camp Connect on this night alone!

Carnival & Laser Tag afternoon at Camp Connect.

Campers challenge each other at log rolling. Many thanks to Darren and his daughter Alyssa (competition log roller) for the lesson and chainsaw demonstration!

Dance Night! Ladies and gentlemen ... Line dancing makes a come back!

Water Fight!!

WINNER! Entries For The Next Contest Are Available NOW!

Congratulations to Yvonne Castel, winner of the last 6/49 contest that started August 1.

Entries for the next contest are available now with draw dates starting December 1st. This fundraiser is based on numbers drawn during Lotto 6/46 draws every Wednesday and Saturday in Atlantic Canada. All the information about the contest can be found by clicking here.  The more entries we have, the larger the prize! All funds raised go to support NSFFBTS initiatives. Good Luck!


Long time supporters of Camp Connect received an award from the Municipality of Pictou County on August 14 for their support of the Nova Scotia Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society. Dee and Steve Stewart were instrumental in organizing both the Bible Hill Poker Run and "Bike Night" at Camp Connect. Led by Steve and Dee, motorcycle clubs across Atlantic Canada have raised in excess of $7500 this year alone. The NSFFBTS would like to recognize and thank the Stewart's for their past and continued support of Camp Connect. The efforts of individuals like Steve and Dee help make possible the programs offered by the NSFFBTS.

Dee & Steve
Dee and Steve Stewart accept an award from the Municipality of Pictou County for their support of the NSFFBTS .

More 2018 Camp Connect Pictures ...

You're kidding me, right? Yes! - We have this much fun!

Victoria Park: More fun than anyone should be allowed to have!

Yes ... Get this close to nature with Camp Connect!