2019 Camp Connect Pictures

No ... We don't have any fun at all at camp ... HA!

One of the beautiful party boats the campers got to enjoy. Thanks Mark!

One very unique "pirate" watercraft. It was a blast! Thanks George!

Campers enjoying the slide raised as a platform on the pirate boat

The slide was a big hit on the pirate boat

What a good looking bunch!

Crafts galore!

Looks like the ladies team won!

Annual bike rally ... The campers expression says it all.

Carnival Day ... Let the games begin! Thank you "Sweet P" & "Salty" (Shriners).

The race is on. Ready, set, go!

Of course, what is Carnaval Day with out "Funny Formal" Supper

I strongly suggest avoiding these 2 laser tag specialists at all costs!

The North Nova Jeep Club arrived with rides for everyone and ...

A very generous donation. Jeepers - thank you very much!

We even had a visit from renowned hypnotist / magician / juggler, Ian Stewart.

Carnival Day would not be complete without Doug Castel's famous fireworks show.

And of course we end the day with an delicious ice cream banana split.

Some kinda special! The Campers love it!