The Nova Scotia Fire Fighters' Burn Treatment Society is comprised of Executive Members and a Board of Directors. The following is a list of these members and ways to contact the Society.


P.O. Box 481 Dartmouth Main
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 3Y8

Chairman's Cell: 902-471-4328
PLEASE NOTE: Due to underutilization, the FAX line was disconnected effective February 2019.


Chairman: Dave Collier - Retired DND Fire Dept.
Vice Chair: Doug Castel - Retired Halifax Fire Dept.
Treasurer: Jim Benoit - Retired Halifax Fire Dept.


Frank Savage - Retired Fire Marshall
Blaise Mattie - Halifax Fire Dept.
Trevor Mattie - DND Fire Dept.
Clayton Horne - Curly Portable's
Robert Cohoon - Utility Worker
Jim White - Halifax Fire Dept.
Tim Betts - Amherst Fire Dept.
Casey Rutte - Halifax Fire Dept.